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Detox Juices

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What makes our juices different

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LiveWheatgrass is now providing certified organic, cold pressed pre-mixed juice and nut milks in their purest and most nutritionally dense form. Our new range offers 6 different Juice programmes with great tasting Detox and Boosting Juices, which you will love, providing you with all the same amazing vitamins and nutrients as our sachets. These Juices come freshly juiced, instantly frozen, pre-mixed with nothing but 100% pure natural and organic ingredients. LiveWheatgrass is the only company in the world to offer pre-mixed juices with organic LiveWheatgrass juice, Barleygrass Juice and other SuperFoods.

Cold-pressing produces juice, which is the ultimate health tonic and is unequalled by any other juicing method. We instantly freeze the freshly extracted juices to ensure we lock in all the nutrients, including precious chlorophyll and enzymes. Having the juices bottled offers a great and efficient way of gaining all the benefits your body needs in an instant.

Aid & Cleanse range has been tailored specifically for you who wish to detox your body and/or are suffering with a health challenge. The juices are packed full of SuperFoods, such as LiveWheatgrass and Barleygrass juice, therefore providing the deepest level of detox. These juices will help fight the cause of the problem, which aid through the numerous nutrients, including B12, and contain minimum natural sugars.

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If you are looking for that cutting edge in sports or just general fitness, our Performance pack offers exactly that! Unlike other energy drinks or shakes, our juices contain nothing but 100% natural and organic ingredients. Our Performance Juices are specially designed to support your healthy muscle function & recovery. They will also cleanse and strengthen your blood levels, whilst providing fuel for your work-out.

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Our Weight Loss Juice programme is for you who are looking to change to a healthier lifestyle and want to lose weight. Containing nothing but raw and natural ingredients, this juice programme will help you detox, whilst super-charging your health. The juices will gently flush out toxins, regulate your blood sugar levels and trigger your body’s natural repair at the cellular level.

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Our Anti-Age rejuvenation range has been tailored specifically for you who are concerned with looking and feeling tired and who want to reignite your natural anti-ageing powers. These juices work at the cellular level, helping to repair and protect, whilst providing the powerful nourishment your skin needs to support healthy cell and collagen renewal, leaving you radiant and glowing with youthful energy.

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This Energy Juice programme is for you who are feeling tired and lacking in energy, who want to boost your energy levels to real tangible levels, strengthen your immune system and improve your zest for life. This Juice programme also provides an excellent continuation after you have completed the 3 day Cleanse & Aid programme and want to focus on boosting energy and vitality.

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This Pregnancy & New Mothers Juice programme is for women who are looking to nourish their body, giving yourself and the baby a nutrient boost. These juices are taken as part of a healthy balanced whole foods diet. As many pregnant women and new mothers find out, adding organic vegetable juices to a clean, organic, well balanced diet greatly improves health, as well as milk quality and makes for healthy babies.

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What makes our Juices different?


Our Detox range has been carefully designed to bring the perfect balance of a great tasting product, which is also extremely good for the body, by delivering high levels of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.

Many other companies only provide their juices as cold pressed, but during the time the juices are leaving the factory to arrive at your door, the juices are already several hours old and have already started loosing some of the nutrients, particularly the fragile enzymes. Also, if the juice has not been consumed within the first day, it will have lost some of the goodness, which it was originally guided at.

Our bottled juices, on the other hand, are flash frozen within minutes to lock in all the goodness and making it as uniquely fresh as it can possibly be, once it arrives at your door with our guaranteed frozen delivery.

As our juices are completely organic, we only use the finest quality superfoods and ingredients, such as our uniquely outdoor grown LiveWheatgrass and Barleygrass Juices. This makes us one of the only Juicing companies in the world to produce SuperFoods Detox programmes this fresh and effective!

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We at LiveWheatgrass genuinely care about your health. We are so confident that our Detox Juices can help make the difference to your everyday life, we are including free pH Strips and guideline with every programme purchase. This way you can monitor your own improvements by actually seeing the difference in your pH levels. Something that no other company offers.


What’s in the Juices?


Our juices contain nothing other than the finest Organic SuperFoods, Fruits and Vegetables. No powders!
Just 100% natural, fresh, outdoor grown ingredients. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Simple!


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