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Dr. Britt Cordi, PhD


Dr. Britt Cordi, PhD

My first love has always been nature and the essential role it plays for our mental, spiritual and physical health.

I thrive on making a difference to people’s health by empowering them to let Nature’s best products strengthen and energise them.

The Greek physician, Hippocrates, who is also known as the Father of Western medicine, has been a huge inspiration to me. He understood the healing power of certain foods, and said “Let food be your medicine”.

This passion for Health through Nature was the reason I studied biology 25 years ago and then went on to obtain a further degree, a PhD in molecular biology and nature conservation (which is why I use the title “Dr” – I am not medically qualified).”

It was also then I discovered the enormous health benefits of wheatgrass juice and came to realise that wheatgrass must be consumed fresh and grown organically outdoors to reach its full nutritional and healing potential. I then developed the specialised production method, the PLANT OPTO process™ to scientific standards with a team of scientists.

My husband and I consequently founded LiveWheatgrass in 2009 and also our nature conservation charity Natura International(www.natura-international.org)

I can truly say that everyone in the LiveWheatgrass team shares my passion for health and it grows even more each time we make a difference to someone’s lives. The most satisfying and rewarding feeling we get is when our customers feel empowered and excited that they are now able to improve their health and realise their own potential.

This is also the reason we never stop innovating new SuperFood products and improving our methods. We strive to offer the very best and most effective energising products and give a 110% health guarantee that you WILL feel the health benefits.

We are blessed to have the most fantastic, competent team that anyone could wish for.

We are on a crusade to spread the SuperFood and Wheatgrass word.  In my presentations across Europe and the US and through the weekly Health Tips I write with nutritionists and wellness specialists, I love demonstrating how we can transform our health and boost energy levels and how the body can heal itself, when we feed our bodies with the essential building blocks.

Being of service is a hugely rewarding feeling and it is very satisfying when our customers, through this knowledge gain confidence so they begin to apply it in their own lives, feeling in control of their well-being, and experiencing real tangible health benefits.