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Elixir Vitality


Elixir Vitality

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Elixir Vitality Juice has excellent anti-oxidant properties and is a great source of energy due to the nutrients listed below. The 100% natural juice contains the finest raw ingredients, including Goji berries, Aloe Vera and Matcha Green Tea. Elixir Vitality Juice contains high levels of Vitamins A, C, B2, and K, Iron and Selenium and may therefore support your health:

* Vitamin C supports collagen for normal skin & nails*
* Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative stress to support normal health*
* Vitamin A contributes to normal skin and vision**
* Vitamin A & C contribute to normal functioning of the immune system**
* Iron contributes to reduction of tiredness and helps reduce tiredness & fatigue***
* Iron supports normal cell division**
* Iron contributes to normal red blood cell development and supports oxygen transport in the body***

* Minimum 1 serving cup per day (30ml) to obtain these benefits (8.95mg/day).
** Minimum 2 serving cups per day (60ml) to obtain these benefits (137 mcg/day).
*** Minimum 3 serving cups per day (90ml) to obtain these benefits (1.33 mg/day).


Elixir Vitality is 100% pure frozen, raw juice containing 34% freshly juiced Pomegranates, 34% freshly juiced Red Grapes, 10% freshly juiced Raspberries, 18% freshly juiced Goji berries, 3.5% raw Aloe Vera and 0.5% Matcha Green Tea.

General Nutritional
100ml %RDA in


Calories 156.3 Kcal
Protein 2.4g
Carbohydrates 30.9g
   (of which sugars) (23g)
Fat 1.9g
   (of which saturates) (0g)
Fibre 6.1g
Salt 0g
Vitamin A 275 µg 30%
Vitamin B2 0.2 mg 18%
Vitamin C 43 mg 72%
Vitamin K 20.7 µg 25.5%
Iron 1.6 mg 18%
Selenium 9 mg 16%


• Goji Berries have excellent nutritional value and have been used by the Chinese for thousands of years. Goji berries have the highest concentration of protein in comparison to any fruit. Additionally, they contain 2½ times the amount of Vitamin C found in lemons and other similar fruits.

• Pomegranate, Red Grapes and Raspberries are all extremely good sources of antioxidants with very high ORAC values (oxygen radical absorbance capacity).

• Matcha Green Tea is a fine powdered form of shade grown green tea leaves, which contains 10 times more anti-oxidants than regular green tea.

• Aloe Vera Juice is considered to be one of Ayurveda’s primary elixirs for nourishing the skin. We only use the gel from the inner leaf in our juice, which ensure that all beneficial fibres and nutrients are retained with no bitter taste.