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SuperFood Slushy


Ice Slushy

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We believe this is the only Ice Slushy in the world with fresh Wheatgrass juice!

It is a great tasting treat, which is also fantastic for your health!

The 100% pure, freshly juiced Superfood Ice Slushies can be enjoyed by everyone and will act as a vitamin boost and pick-me up. You can enjoy it frozen, take it to the office or school and drink defrosted as a juice.

We produce these delicious Slushies the same way we lovingly prepare all our Superfood Juices: Once we have squeezed out the juice we freeze the juice within minutes to preserve all the goodness.

This means the Superfood-Slushies are particularly high in Vitamin B12 and contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and may therefore help you and your children by:

  • * Vitamins B12 contributes to normal energy levels
  • * Vitamins  B12 contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • * Vitamin B12 contributes to normal psychological performance
  • * Vitamin B12 contributes to normal red blood cell development
  • * Vitamin E contributes to normal hair
  • *Vitamin C supports healthy bones, muscle, gums & connective tissue
    * Vitamin C and E protect cells from oxidative stress to support normal health
    * Vitamin C supports collagen for normal function of skin

Enjoy 1 sachet (30ml) per day for these health benefits.

Yes, we know the list is very long. AND by the way, Pomegranate, Red Grapes and Raspberries are packed full of powerful natural phytochemicals.

Why not enjoy your superfood Juice in a refreshing slushy – a treat for everyone in the family.

General Nutritional
100ml %RDA in


Calories 70.3 Kcal
Protein 1.2g
Carbohydrates 17.6g
   (of which sugars) (12.7g)
Fat 0.5g
   (of which saturates) (0g)
Fibre 3.1g
Salt 0g
Vitamin C 14.6mg 308%
Vitamin B12 2.9mcg 200%
Vitamin E 0.4mg 1021%


• Pomegranate, Red Grapes and Raspberries are densely packed with natural, powerful phytochemicals which supports health and provide energy.

• Vitamin C is needed for growth and repair of tissues in all parts of our body, but as the body cannot produce it, you need to add it to your diet.