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Our farming & production

Our farming & production

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Juice delivered to your door in 3 simple steps


Our wheatgrass is grow organically in our own local fields. We then harvest when the wheatgrass has reached its optimum height of between 10cm and 17cm.


We then press the Wheatgrass into juice, then frozen with the whole process done within minutes to lock in all the nutrients.


The juices are then delivered next day straight to your door. Simple and hassle free.


The Live Wheatgrass family first discovered Wheatgrass Juice and its magnificent health benefits over 15 years ago. We came to realise that wheatgrass must be grown outdoors to reach its full potential, as opposed to grown in small trays with little or no soil.

Growing outdoors dramatically enhances the nutritional value of wheatgrass due to its exposure to natural air, rain, sun and soil over a 2 to 3 month period. Outdoor grown wheatgrass has many advantages, including 28% more antioxidants, 48% higher levels of chlorophyll (what are the differences between indoor and outdoor?), no exposure to accelerated temperatures ensuring, no sugars nor carbohydrates, and no detectable moulds commonly found in indoor grown wheatgrass. This in turn means no so called ‘detox side-effects’ such as dizziness, which people report when drinking tray-grown wheatgrass.


To ensure that Live Wheatgrass juice is of the finest quality and therefore gives you the best possible health benefits, our farming methods and entire production process has been scientifically researched and developed – we aim to provide you with a world class product. The specialised production method, the PLANT OPTO process™ has been carefully developed to scientific standards through a team of scientists with Britt Cordi, PhD. This process ensures the most potent drink, minimising the loss of nutrients and enzymes, enabling your body to get the most from the nutrients.

  • Our Organic Farming Methods: Our wheatgrass is grown locally, outdoors in the Northamptonshire countryside during nature’s own seasonal cycles over a two to three month period. We use traditional organic deep root farming methods to ensure protection of nature and the environment, and we use crop rotation techniques and fallowing, which feeds the land so the land can feed our crop. Our crops, (Wheatgrass, Kale and Beetroot), are organic and completely free of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Our harvesting: We harvest when the wheatgrass has reached its optimum height of between 10cm and 17cm, just before the jointing stage when the plant contains its most powerful energy in preparation for its next significant growth spurt. It is this height that Dr Charles Schnabel identified as being the most nutritionally valuable. We carefully harvest to ensure that the delicate grass is not bruised.
  • Our freezing methods: It is widely recognised that the sooner fresh produce is consumed after harvest the more nutritionally rich it is. That’s why we immediately freeze our Wheatgrass Juice and other organic juices, using blast freezers to preserve the important vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Our juice is then stored at -35˚C to guarantee that it retains all of its nutritional qualities when delivered to your door. The juice can stay in your freezer for one year without losing any of these nutritional qualities (find out more under the question: What are the differences between outdoor | indoor | powder Wheatgrass?)

We help to protect and conserve Nature: At Live Wheatgrass, we are passionate about protecting nature, the local environment and contribute to nature conservation through our work with the international nature conservation charity, Natura International.


  • We have an excellent overnight service.
  • Please ensure someone is there to receive the delivery or, at own risk, put a signed note on the door. Alternatively, you can add a different delivery address.
  • We GUARANTEE the juice is frozen when you come back in the evening.
  • We ship Monday to Thursday, please order before 12 noon for a next day delivery.


  • LiveWheatgrass is 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% of the time – nothing added or taken away.
  • Our aim is to provide you with the very best of the very best… absolute premium quality Wheatgrass, Kale, Beetroot and Elixir Vitality juices.
  • Taste the difference – our outdoor grown tastes clear, smooth and fresh. Once mixed with fruit juices, it is delicious!
  • Feel the Health Benefit Guarantee – We are so confident about all our LiveWheatgrass Juices that if you don’t feel the benefits after one month, we will give you 110% refund on your first one month order – you can’t say fairer than that! Terms and conditions apply.